The Pansela route is easy to walk, it’s a shame there aren’t many riders


Head of the Traffic Corps (Kakorlantas) National Police Inspector General Firman Shantyabudi mentioned the route South Beach (Pansela) Java is nice to go through. However, unfortunately there are still a few people who go through this route.

“In general, what I said earlier is that there are not many vehicles that go through the (Pansela) road, while the road is in good condition, so it’s a shame if we don’t explore this facility,” said Firman when inspecting the Pansela route in Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Saturday (21/1/2023).

Even so, Firman continues to remind people who wish to take this route to remain careful. This is because there are still some narrow lanes and the potential for accidents to arise.

“In general, we say that if a narrow road has a high speed, it means it is vulnerable. Then, if there is a narrowing of traffic, the potential for an accident will also be high,” he said.

He also suggested that people who want to go home to the east of Java Island, can go through this route. This is to reduce the density that occurs on other homecoming routes.

“Those who are going to the eastern region to carry out their homecoming will not hurt those who will leave first, they can enjoy the route along the south coast of Java,” he said.

Regarding the shortcomings in this path, he has made a number of notes. Later the deficiencies will be conveyed to the relevant parties.

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“Obviously we will convey other interesting things later in a coordinated way, maybe later with the local government, both with ministerial friends,” he said.

“The rest we will record, later on which one has a preliminary meeting, later it will be continued with coordination,” he added.

Inspector General Firman Shantyabudi and the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) are known to have checked the South Coast route. He wants to ensure that this route is safe for motorists going home in 2023.

“We want to ensure that the road that will be traversed will be safe and secure,” said Firman when checking the Pansela route in Malingping District, Banten, Thursday (19/1).


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