The pandemic redesigns the house. 1: health and well-being

Architects and designers are called to the arduous task of redesigning the world and helping to solve the new daily needs. Creativity therefore interprets social needs by translating them into products that respond (also) to the need for sanitation and social distancing. Not only. Architect Carlo Ratti, on the occasion of the Ikea conference for the launch of the results of the Life at Home report, commented: «Castiglioni said that objects must keep us company. One of the most interesting areas to rediscover after the pandemic will be their role in Italian families from this point of view. The challenge? We spend too much time in front of digital interfaces, we have to go back to receiving information in homes without the intrusion of screens ». (v.f.)

Slamp’s PurityCapsule sanitizes and disinfects objects by eliminating 99.99 percent of bacteria in just 30 seconds


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