The pandemic law is gone – yet the fear of a new wave of infection is growing

The pandemic law is gone – yet the fear of a new wave of infection is growing

Today it no longer exists. The pandemic law is gone and covid-19 is no longer classified as dangerous to society in Sweden.

Nevertheless, fears are growing that the infection may increase drastically again. Vaccine expert Farshid Jalalvand points out that it is necessary for Sweden to be properly prepared for an increased spread of infection.

Can happen again

– During the microwave, when many did not become seriously ill, large parts of society were still paralyzed for a long period because many were at home with the disease. It can happen again towards the winter when our immunity has diminished, and there can be another contagious variant, he tells DN.

The researcher in microbiology emphasizes that the virus is still present in society and that there can be a large increase in the number of cases in the autumn and winter.

Must have a plan

He suggests that Sweden must plan in advance for such a scenario.

– We should have some kind of plan if just as many people fall ill and need to stay at home. In addition, we should help the global vaccination campaign so that places that have not vaccinated their population can do so. There is a connection with the new variants occurring in places with low vaccination coverage. The more people who are protected throughout the world, the lower the risk of a new variant, he tells DN.

Large vaccination coverage

In Sweden, almost 85 percent of the population has taken at least two doses of the covid-19 vaccine. The number of vaccinated with three doses is estimated to be just over 63 percent, according to the Public Health Agency’s statistics.

– Although vaccination coverage is generally high in the population, there are still over one million people over the age of 12 who have not been vaccinated. To reduce the risk of new waves in the spread of infection and that people will suffer serious consequences as a result of covid-19, more people need to accept the offer of vaccination, says the Public Health Agency’s deputy head of department Sara Byfors, in a statement.

New variant spreads

In countries with less vaccination coverage, a new variant of the virus has been reported, which is said to be even more contagious than previous variants.

The new variant, BA.2, accounts for 86 percent of all cases of covid-19 in the world, according to the World Health Organization WHO.

Closes down again

Increased spread of infection has led several countries in Asia to shut down communities again.

In mid-March, South Korea reported a record number of covid-19 deaths in the country.

Earlier this week, Chinese authorities decided to impose a shutdown in the multimillion-dollar city of Shanghai due to an increased spread of infection.

Foto: M. Majnun resp Farshid Jalalvand

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