The pandemic added stays in the Czech Republic to the discount portals

There were about thirteen former discount portals, which were transformed into classic sales websites, on the market last year, now there are ten. “Currently there is interest in traditional autumn wellness stays. The most popular destinations include South Moravia, West Bohemian Spas, the Giant Mountains, South Bohemia and the Beskydy Mountains, “said the director of the Skrz portal, Matěj Dvorský.

Deferred demand from the beginning of the year also helped the summer statistics of sales portals. While the time between purchase and stay was reduced to a maximum of two weeks, the length of stay extended from a normal extended weekend by several days, which also increased the average expenditure.

The largest ex-discount – now for sale – Slevomat portal benefits from this year’s trend. It gradually transformed into a travel and adventure website. Between July and September, over 316,000 customers bought from it, 73 percent more year-on-year. Revenues almost doubled to 1.6 billion. The average expenditure of users changed only slightly, rising by three hundred crowns to five thousand.

“We have the greatest demand for Aqualand Moravia and stays in the country. On the contrary, compared to last year, the demand for exotic holidays is the least, “said Ladislav Veselý, director of Slevomat. Usually, the interest in exotics on Slevomat grows in early autumn. In the ten years of its existence, Slevomat has sold travel-related stays to three quarters of a million customers.

Radim Jančura, the owner of the Student Agency holding and the carrier RegioJet, also uses Czechs’ fear of traveling abroad. During July, the Partyja portal began selling stays in rented hotels and boarding houses for up to fifty people. It is aimed at a larger group of friends, which is offered by the Vidly Hotel in the Jeseníky Mountains and the Habánský dům pension in Pálava.

“The project is fully operational for two months, in August and September we register about 1,500 guests. That’s over 3,900 paid people today. We have an average occupancy of ninety percent, which means the profitability of the project since the beginning of operation, “says Jančura.

The price for a bed without half board was set by the company at 340 crowns outside weekends and 540 crowns on weekends and holidays. The offer is to gradually increase, Jančura wants to expand it by five to ten hotels in tourist attractions every year.

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