The painting Still Life with Peonies by Kubišta was auctioned for 17 million

The author’s auction record remains a painting called Still Life auctioned seven years ago at a price of 18.49 million crowns, including an auction surcharge. ČTK informed the auction hall about the results of the auction.

Collectors spent more than 66 million crowns in Sunday’s auction and 86 percent of the offered items were successfully auctioned. The authors Jan Bauch and Josef Václav Myslbek set a new author’s record. Bauch’s canvas from the poetic period was auctioned for 4.7 million crowns and Myslbek’s plastic study of the stallion Arda reached the amount of 930 thousand crowns.

According to the owner of the auction hall, Albert Trnka, Kubišt’s Still Life with Peonies is an image in which Kubišta based his previous, significantly expressive experience with a new impetus that came from French post-impressionism. The still life with peonies has a monumental, panoramic dimension, Kubišta responded to Paul Cézanne and Eduard Manet.

Based on the study of these authors, he created an original painting language, which enabled him to work with a geometrically accurate compositional structure and at the same time with significant color transitions.

“Kubišta created a very distinctive, visually dense still life, on which he attracts the difference between the proximity and distance of individual motifs, placed on a rippling drapery, which has a dramatic, almost Elgrecov charge,” says the gallery.

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