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A painter with Latvian ideals and a high awareness of his mission – this is evidenced by the themes of his works: Latvian riflemen, mother and still lifes with a symbolic meaning, emphasized the relatives.

“An important figure in Latvian painting and pedagogy has passed away. Edvards Grūbe created a different paradigm of modernist monumentality based on a strong, laconic rhythm of colors. The artist created an expressive interpretation of Madonna’s image and emphasized in art, which also influenced the painter ‘s contribution to pedagogy, “the Latvian Union of Artists points out in the artist’ s obituary.

Edvards Grūbe graduated from J. Rozentāls Riga Art High School in 1955. The teachers of Edvards Grūbe were Kārlis Bušs, Arnolds Griķis (1908-1988), Imants Prēdelis (1920-1994), Vitālijs Karkunovs (1925-2006), and the schoolmates were the following painters: Dagmāra Staprēna, Māra Zītare (1937-2018).

Edvards Grūbe continued his studies at the Painting Department of the State Academy of Arts of the Latvian SSR with significant painters and lecturers in Latvia, Jānis Roberts Tillbergs, Eduards Kalniņš, and Vladimir Kozina, the head of the department. The painter graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts in 1961 with a diploma thesis – painting “Morning”, prof. Led by Eduards Kalniņš. Along with Edvards Grūbs, Māra Zītare graduated from E. Kalniņš with her work “Commodity Station”. Aina Karlsone (Zībiņa, 1935-2012), who created the work “Partisans”, Leopolds Cesujevičs with the work “1918”, Jurijs Cirkunovs (1925-1996), Ēriks Cihovskis with the work “Who’s Which?” and Ilmārs Koris developed the painting “Autumn”. In their works, the graduates have solved the themes of work, batalia and sports compositions in color.

In 1992, Edvards Grūbe received a Master’s degree in Arts (LMA).

Already during his studies, Edvards Grūbe started his career as a teacher, he was a lecturer at the Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts from 1960-1971. year. The artist dedicated his creative life to the Latvian Academy of Arts, being a long-term lecturer, a lecturer in Preparatory Courses (1964-1971), a lecturer in the Department of Pedagogy (1971-1973) and the head of the department (1973-1979), worked with painter Inta Celmiņš Dagmar Villerush. While working in the Painting Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts (1979-2000), Professor Edvards Grūbe worked together with Rita Valneris, Eduards Kalniņš, Imants Vecozols, Indulis Zariņš, Boriss Bērziņš, Andris Začests, Pēteris Postaži, Roberts Muzis and other students of Edvards Grūbe painter, interior designer and teacher Jānis Osis and performance artist, set designer, graphic artist Ilmārs Blumbergs (1943-2016). The painter has also been a professor at the International School of Practical Psychology (Riga, 2002-2007).

Edvards Grūbe has been participating in exhibitions since 1961. The first solo exhibition took place in 1974 in Roja. The artist has had solo exhibitions at the Latvian National Museum of Art (1985, 1995, 2000), as well as at the Arsenal (Paintings 1963-2010, 2010). The exhibitions were organized together with his wife, painter Inta Celmiņš. The artist regularly participated in the LMS annual “Autumn” and “Art Days” exhibitions. He has exhibited his works in galleries: LMS Gallery (1975), “A.Sūna Art Gallery” (“Saules Banka” and Gallery Award 1997, “Mother”, 2001, “Time”, 2002; A / S Swedbank Award “Painting of the Year” 2005, 2006, 2008, “Paintings”, 2012; A / S “Swedbank” award “Painting of the Year 2012”, gallery “Daugava” (with I.Celmiņa, 1993, 1996), “Bastejs”, “Riga Gallery” (with I .Celmiņu, 1994, “Paintings. New Works. Retrospective”, 2006), “XO” (“Painting”, 2002; “Daylight”, 2013; “Field of Light”, 2015; “Dolls”, 2017; “Light”, 2018) and other galleries. The artist’s works have been exhibited in the USA, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, France, Japan, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, etc.

Edvards Grūbe became a candidate for a member of the Latvian Artists’ Union (LMS) in 1961 with the recommendations of the painter Ērikas Romanes (1920-2002), Viļa Ozola (1929-2014), Acting Director of RLMV Lāce and Deputy Chairman of the Board Valdmanis (1905-1966) signed a decision. Edvards Grūbe, a member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, has been a member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences since 1967, and Vilis Ozols, Gunārs Mitrēvics (1928-2007), Jāzeps Pīgoznis (1934-2014), Indulis Zariņš, Chairman of the Painting Section of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Edvards Grūbe was admitted by a decision of the LMS Board, signed by Miķelis Ivanovs (1927-1991), an art historian, Deputy Chairman of the LMS Board.

Edvards Grūbe has been a member of the LMS Board (since 1972), in the Board Presidium, Deputy Chairman, Head of the LMS Painters’ Section (since 1972) and the Secretary of the LMS Board responsible for organizing exhibitions. The artist was appointed chairman of the Arts Council of the Art Foundation (1973) and served on the expert commission of the Ministry of Culture (1976, 1977, 1985).

Edvards Grūbe was a bright and original heir and developer of Latvian tonal painting traditions. He created a unique and recognizable handwriting cycle in Latvian painting: “Madonna”, “Mother”, “Window”, “Objects”, “Lauskas”, “Rhythms”, etc. In Edvards Grūbe’s painting, the Latvian feeling has an obvious value. The artist worked on a rather limited range of topics and painting techniques, consistently cultivating a few motifs and giving up everything superfluous. In creating the works, the author has worked in a warm, saturated range of colors, the compositions are precisely, monumentally constructed and balanced, and the strong, spiritual saturation of color is the determinant of expression.

In 2008, the painter and LMA professor Edvards Grūbe was awarded the 4th class of the Order of the Three Stars, and he was awarded the rank of an officer of the Order. The artist was awarded a VKKF lifelong scholarship for his contribution to the visual arts in 2001 and was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist in 1982.

Edvards Grūbe’s works are in the Museum of the Latvian Artists’ Union, the Latvian National Museum of Art, the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), the Lithuanian National Museum of Art (Vilnius), the Ludwig Museum of Modern Art (Cologne, Germany), the Madona Museum of Local History and Art, the Tukums Museum, as well as other museums and private collections.

Farewell to the painter Edvards Grūbe will take place in the Great Hall of the Riga Crematorium on May 20, 2022 at 14.00.

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