The painted Székely hymn on Bicské

This is the third major work of the painting series by Anikó Orgoványi, who previously painted the Anthem and the Song in a similar way. The Székely national anthem produced in 2020 consists of six paintings, all of which depict the Székely flag. The background of the paintings is a wavy golden ribbon on a light blue background. In the middle of the pictures, you can see a circular ring, and within it the ornamentation appears, which can be considered a symbolic decorative element reminiscent of the wood carvings of the Székely gates. In the case of the closing image, the sheet music of the Székely hymn is displayed. Anikó Orgoványi’s exhibition, the six paintings, can be viewed until June 15 in the hall of the Petőfi Cultural Center.

On National Unity Day, June 4, Sunday at 8:23 p.m., at the memorial stone of Great Hungary, the commemorators of Bicske are waiting to light the Fire of Unity together!

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