The oxygen tank exploded inside the Nabatiyeh Governmental Hospital, causing great material damage and no injuries


Al-Nashra correspondent in Nabatiyeh reported that the oxygen tank exploded in Nabatiyeh Governmental Hospital, as it caused a loud noise that shook the city of Nabatiyeh and Kfarjouz. Ambulances headed to the hospital, where they were working to transfer the patients to the ground floor.

He pointed out that “there are no injuries among the hospital staff, but panic at the sound of the explosion, and fire engines are working to put out the fire amid a security presence in the vicinity of the hospital.”

The Director General of the Nabatieh Governmental Hospital, Dr. Hassan Wazni, announced in a statement that “a defect occurred in a facility belonging to the hospital’s oxygen tank, causing a limited explosion in the room, and its damage was limited to material, and there was no injury among the nursing staff or patients in the hospital,” pointing out. The competent teams are working to deal with the repercussions of the accident.

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