The Outer Worlds will be releasing October 23 on Steam – Gaming – News

Obsidian’s RPG The Outer Worlds will be available on Steam October 23. The PC version of the game was released a year earlier through the Epic Games Store. The game is also already available from the Microsoft Store and through the Game Pass subscription.

The release date of the Steam version is mentioned on Valve’s platform, but a price has not yet been mentioned. The game currently costs 60 euros in the Epic Games Store and in the Microsoft Store. The game was released on October 25, 2019, but was not yet available on Steam due to partial exclusivity enforced by Epic.

The Outer Worlds is a single player RPG set in a science fiction setting created by Obsidian Entertainment, the studio that also owns Fallout: New Vegas. The extension was published in September Peril on Gorgon. Later, the game will also get the expansion Murder on Eridanos.

Obsidian Entertainment is in late 2018 acquired by Microsoft. New games that the studio makes will probably no longer be released exclusively through the Epic Games Store. The studio has one this year Early Access version of Grounded released, which appeared directly on Steam. In the meantime, the developer is working on a new big rpg: Avowed. That game is rumored to be released in early 2023.

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