The Orion spacecraft has been placed in a distant lunar orbit

The Orion probe was placed in a distant lunar orbit on the tenth day of the Artemis 1 mission, the US Space Agency (NASA) announced yesterday (Friday), according to the French news agency.

And the agency said in a blog post that during “Orion’s” presence in this lunar orbit, flight controllers “will monitor the vehicle’s vital systems and conduct audits related to the deep space environment.”

This new capsule is now at a distance of about 64,000 km from the moon, to which it should carry astronauts in the coming years, for the first time since the last American flight as part of the “Apollo” mission in 1972.

At this distance, the vehicle will need at least 6 days to fly halfway around the moon before starting the journey back to Earth.

This first unmanned test flight aims to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Landing is scheduled in the Pacific Ocean on December 11, just over 25 days from the start of the flight.

The success of this mission governs the future of the next mission, “Artemis 2,” which will carry astronauts around the moon without landing, and then “Artemis 3,” which will finally allow humans to return to the moon’s surface. These missions are expected to officially take place in 2024 and 2025, respectively.


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