The original Titanfall disappeared from sale today

When the shooter arrived on Steam last summer Titanfall 2 from Respawn Entertainment Studios, was definitely a success. Although the number of players could never compete with the newer battle royale project Apex Legendswho remains Respawn’s most cared for child, the shooter from 2016 could enjoy the influx of new people who could finally taste a great single-player campaign and no less successful multiplayer without the need to install Origin separately or address the console. However, when the first episode, originally intended only for Origin, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, arrived on Steam a few years older, a few months after Titanfall 2, it met with quite different reception.

Original Titanfall from 2014 has long struggled with a lack of players, technical problems, the attention of hackers and DDoS attacks. For the vast majority of fans, it was more advantageous to play Titanfall 2 or Apex Legends, taking unlike the second part, the game does not have a single player campaign, so it has nothing to offer even to players who are not interested in the online experience. Given all this, it’s probably not surprising that in Respawn, they decided to end the sale of the first Titanfall.

It will surprise only how quickly the sale ended. Respawn Entertainment Studio announced this radical change without notice today this evening and just a few minutes later, it was no longer possible to buy Titanfall on Origin or Steam. March 1, 2022 will also disappear from the offer of all relevant subscription-based services.

The good news is that those who own the game can continue to play the original Titanfall because the servers will still be up and running. In view of this, the end of the sale, which was not specifically explained by the developers, does not appear to be due to an attempt to put an end to all the operation of the game, which may not have paid off. The fact that no one else can buy the game, however, should undoubtedly reduce at least the number of cases where developers are forced to solve technical problems and other difficulties. more than 7 years old title, which almost no one plays anymore.

Since the whole situation can act as another nail in the coffin of the Titanfall series, Respawn reassured us that the whole brand is still there part of his DNA. The creators consider the original Titanfall to be a project that has shown the world the ambitions of the studio and which is still an indicator of the innovations that the creative unit strives for in the development of each new game. “Rest assured that Titanfall is the core of Respawn’s DNA and that this incredible universe will continue. Today in Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends in the future. “ It is with these words that the studio assures us that the world of Titanfall is not over.

However, that doesn’t change that for now, a possible sequel is just a nice ideawhich is not supported by any specific steps. Unfortunately. At the moment, we only have the fact that another once great game has basically disappeared in the abyss of history. So let’s give her at least a brief moment of silence. Goodbye to the first Titanfalle, your game modes, maps and DLC will remain in the memories of all of us who have had the honor of playing it all before.



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