The organizers of mass events are introducing stricter measures, some events are canceled completely – ČT24 – Czech Television

Organizers as well as the public often wonder under what conditions mass events can take place. In some regions, regional hygiene regulations and regulations of the Ministry of Health are mixed together. This applies, for example, to outdoor events – up to a thousand people can take part so far.

While most of the republic is without drapes, in the Moravian-Silesian Region and in the Vysočina Region, participants must have it in place. In some parts of the Moravian-Silesian Region, the maximum number of participants is reduced – only 500 people can come to the event, internal and external, and they must be divided into five sectors.

The maximum number of participants in mass events indoors in the rest of the republic was set by the ministry at 500 people in one sector. There can be a total of up to five, but each must have its own entrance and exit, people are not allowed to pass between sectors.

The organizers are reducing capacities, dividing sectors

Thus, event organizers now often introduce new security measures to meet standards. For example, the Jiráskův Hronov theater festival limited the number of participants to one thousand outdoors and five hundred indoors. The music festival in Studenice u Hlinska counts a maximum of a thousand visitors. The meeting of fans of rock and metal music in Písek does not limit the number, but it has prepared separate sectors and inputs.

A market of young designers is planned for Saturday in the capital, and several thousand visitors are interested in it on social networks. Around a thousand people are preparing for the Port Festival in Nymburk. It will also be played in Liberec, so far almost four hundred tickets have been sold for the Čechomor concert. The organizers of these events have not announced any restrictions yet.

Festivals are canceled due to capacity, but also complicated participation of foreign performers

However, some events will have to be completely crossed out in the diary. The organizers often hoped until the last moment, sometimes it didn’t even help that the fact was outdoor festivals. For example, in the poplar grove near Tasov in the Hodonín region, the 28th year of the multi-genre music festival Beseda u Bigbítu was to begin at this time.

But in the end, for the first time in its history, the organizers canceled the event. “The current regulation of a maximum of a thousand people is economically unbearable for us. The festival, which has been at zero for several years, or non-profit, has an attendance of about 1,700 people in our numbers, “said the festival’s director Pavel Uretšlégr.

The planned concerts of the Prague Classics festival in Kutná Hora will not take place either, mainly because foreign musicians cannot arrive. Some cities also cancel historical festivities or harvest festivals.

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