‘The opportunity I was waiting for has arrived,’ reveals Alejandra Jaramillo; the Ecuadorian enters Unimás, an allied network of Televisa Univisión | People | Entertainment

Sit who can!that is the name of the new production of Unimás which will have as one of its panelists the Ecuadorian Alejandra Jaramillo. The presenter resumes her television facet on the international screen, so she made it known not only on her social networks, but on the program Wake up Americaof Univisionwhere she was invited to tell more details of the first reality show with celebrity panelists.

“Imagine how far you can go tomorrow, if you don’t give up today. If you persevere. If you are constant. If you ask for wisdom to walk the right path.💫The opportunity I was waiting for has arrived❤️ I am part of the new Televisa Univisión project that will be broadcast on @unimas 🔥 What? 🤭🥹🫶🏻 Yes!!! Great!!! I wanted so much to share this news with you, and I am very happy to now be able to do it officially.💥 (sic) ”, Jaramillo wrote on his Instagram account.

“This Ecuadorian is part of the team of panelists of @sientesequienpueda a new entertainment program that combines spectacle with reality show 📺🎤🎬 from August 22nd from Monday to Friday at 7pm/6C. Thank you my God, you put me here ✨ (sic) ”, reads his publication.

The program, which is scheduled to premiere on next August 22 at 7:00 p.m., is an original idea of ​​Carlos Mesbar. It will be a daily presentation, with entertainment content that will feature six panelists.

“What is different about it and it is the only time in the history of television is that a show of entertainment with reality. There are six panelists, but there are five chairs; then, one of them, at the end of the week, will be voted on by the people. The people who are at home will have the opportunity to be part of the show; and, for that panelist to have his chair again, he is going to have to find either an exclusive or a paparazzi or an exclusive”, detailed Julian Gil, who will be the presenter of said program, in an interview in The fat and the skinnywith Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan. (E)

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