The Onlyfans creator claims sex with Meta staff led to her Instagram account being unbanned

An OnlyFans creator claimed during a recent podcast appearance that she had sex with Meta employees to recover her blocked Instagram account.

Kitty Lixo, who has a growing following on Instagram, made the shocking allegation on the No Jumper podcast.

Podcast host Adam John Grandmaison uploaded the segment to Twitter with the caption “How to get your Instagram back if it gets deleted.”

According to Lixo, her Instagram account was “taken down three or four times,” so she slept with “several” employees at the company that owns Instagram, Facebook, and other social media products.

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“All you have to do is have someone who really, really likes you,” the influencer said in the clip, which has been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

On Instagram, Lixo often linked her OnlyFans account, which contains adult content. While it wasn’t clear why her account was suspended, in December 2020, Meta updated her community guidelines to ban the promotion of adult content.

A Facebook spokesman was quoted as saying by Raffinerie29 last year, saying, “While OnlyFans is not a porn website, we know it can be used in this way, so we take action against accounts sharing OnlyFans links when combined with other sexually suggestive content.” “

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“When I first shut down my Instagram, one of my friends works at Instagram, he’s a friend,” Lixo shared. “So I started sleeping with him so he could get my Instagram account back. And he did, which was really nice of him.”

Lixo shared that her Instagram friend previously revealed to her “what the verification process looks like when you close your Instagram account.”

“Basically he told me that the integrity department was up for review,” the social media personality said.

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Lixo explained that Instagram’s verification system implements a lengthy process where multiple people handle an account verification.

“Every time they leave another review, it gets sent to a different person,” she explained. “To get it [the account] Back when they reject you the first time, a person basically has to keep trying, keep giving reviews.

She said the goal is to get someone to like you and maybe “they’ll rally for you and you get your account back”.

Lixo then allegedly checked LinkedIn for connections in the integrity department.

“I reached out to her on Instagram through my backup and still kinky account,” said Lixo, who claimed she was able to reach out to some who knew her through her Girls Gone Wireless podcast.

“We hooked up and how I fucked a bunch of them and I was able to get my account back about two or three times,” Lixo claimed.

Lixo told NextShark that she got her accounts back through “strategic relationships” and not an “exchange.”

“There was no exchange. No consideration. There was no compulsion. I knew how the verification process worked, I found people on IG, formed strategic relationships and got my accounts back.”

She revealed that her main account has been shut down three times, while her backup accounts have been shut down “more than I can count.”

Days after the interview went viral, her podcast page was shut down.

NextShark has reached out to Meta for comment on Lixo’s allegations.

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