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The only woman on the Celtics staff, a pride of South Carolina

The life of Allison Feaster god a radical spin when He met the basketball at 7 years of age.

Feaster tested for his team from high school as a student of seventh grade and it was made of the picture like headline quickly.

The Feaster’s parents had separated when I was in fifth degree, which made his life a wheel from fortuna.

Born in South Carolina, but life took her to pass a few years to Europe, so he learned to adapt at terms that were emerging.

“Locally for me, I had a great family support “, dice Allison a The news.

“I grew up with my mom and my three brothers and I was able to go in the suitable lane”.

“Frankly we We travel a lot, our family traveled a lot, we lived in europe when I was young, we were exposed to many things “.

“So live in the south it was for nothing unknown for me, ”he adds.

Despite of divorce from his parents, she went ahead, strengthened by the example of her mother, who return to University only if parted.

“I was able to go to school where the diversity era good and celebrated so i’m really grateful with my experience in South Carolina”, aim.

With the example of his mother, Feaster saw the importance of what academic and that took her away from situations that could to dodge the camino what had he prepared for him destination.

“I let prepare myself for know other sides and travel the world”, dice.

Feaster is finally graduated as the best student in his class from high school and turned down sports scholarships to be able to determine your own focus academic during his years university.

Upon entering Harvard, joined the team of basketball in 1994.

Feaster-Strong was a immediate star, averaging 17.0 points and 11.8 rebounds per game, Leader on the league.

In its last year at Harvard, the native of South Carolina he led the nation in scoring, with 28.5 points per game.

It ended as the number 14 on rebounding at 10.8 per game and was 16th in robberies with 3.3 per meeting.

Allison was lucky enough to have a solid family nucleus, which made the little ones punctures of discrimination who came to live, they won’t mark it.

“First of all it is true, these things exist (discrimination and racism) in the world ”, he laments.

“Is unlucky and they need finish”.

“I would advise to young people that hopefully, young people have uAn adult they can trust and seek help with that situation ”.

“Is hard to be resilient and brave, but I think the courage it is required in situations like that; then don’t let it determine you o go complex and follow your goals ”.

Feaster-Strong finished his career university with 2,312 points, being the second of all time in the Ivy League.

As well as 1,157 rebounds —the third of all time in the Ivy League – and 290 steals – the third best ever on the Ivy League—.

Numbers that put it in the discussion like the best basketball player from history of that league.

Besides that it was one of the five players chosen for the team of basketball feminine of all times of the Ivy League in 2015.

Everything is worth to be the 1st Ivy League player selected in the Draft from WNBA.

Played with Los Angeles Sparks from 1998 to 2000; from 2001 to 2006 very close to home with the Charlotte Sting and finally with Indiana Fever.

What’s more, alternate its transit by WNBA with Europe.

After backing out of basketball In 2016, Allison enrolled in the Basketball Operations Associate Program from NBA.

Full the Program one year in 2017 and, upon completion, accepted a job as Manager of Player Personnel and Coach Relations at the NBA G League.

In September 2019 the Boston Celtics they announced their hiring What vice president of the section for player development.

And it is currently the only woman on staff of operations of the green team.

As well collaborate with the Jr. NBA programs to develop children, Specially in Latin America.

“I believe that training is difficult for anyone, Latin, American, Chinese or whatever ”, he analyzes his vision of work.

“But I really I focus on the tour, learn the basics, practice every day and learn the basic is the best that each player young it can be ”.

“Maybe it’s going to some american university and have exposure and perhaps from that experience you can be notified by a professional team”.

“But the NBA, the best basketball league in the world, you have a number of avenues to become an associate of the league”.

“If you can’t be a player you can be coach or you can be in it staff from the office or working in operations basketball”.

“So I think the last goal is to buildr and be the better player you can be ”.

It is so Feaster treats young people the same, regardless of your source.

The teaches each of the concepts that led her to be a player of respect and now a professional featured.

“The would recommend both a Latino child and an American child who focus first in what learn and focus on details”, dice.

“These details can be in these programs and I would say focus on your physical, its weight, in its feeding, in how they eat ”.

“Be a Good student, a good companion; I think all those values ​​on the court lead you in this career to be a professional someday ”, he points out.


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