The ongoing legal battle between Ricky Martin and accuser Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martín

After the young Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martín accused Ricky Martin of “non-consensual sexual conduct” before the Puerto Rican authorities, the two continued to fight in the tribunals.

After the Puerto Rican singer defended himself in court and requested the Court of First Instance of San Juan de Puerto Rico to dismiss the counterclaim filed by Dennis Yadiel, it is now the young man’s lawyer who reveals his client’s position and clarifies if he is willing to reach an economic agreement to end the legal process.

We present the counterclaim, the counterclaim, what proceeds is what Ricky Martin’s lawyers did and is to answer it. I don’t see anything in the answer that catches my attention beyond the fact that they accept that in effect my client was with Ricky Martin in New York during the time he was in the play Evita, I saw that they accepted it, and that his mother and everything else, obviously they have to know that there is some kind of evidence, they accepted it”, explained Michael Corona in an interview for the Colombian program Lo Sé Todo.

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In this regard, if they have in their possession photographs, videos or any evidence to deny the position of the interpreter of “La bite”, the legal defender of Sánchez Martín replied: “Things that I am not in a position to reveal now, but what I want to say is that one reads between the lines many times the answers and within the training one more or less knows what is there in relation to that matter, so nothing, many things that I cannot reveal now, but the process continues ”.

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End of complaint

Finally, when speaking of the possibility of an economic arrangement between the parties to finish with the complaint of Dennis Yadiel against Ricky, the young man’s lawyer did not rule out this possibility.

“I really don’t know, because I always go into all the cases thinking that I’m going to see the trial, if in the process it arises that it’s going to be stopped for some reason, or it’s going to be negotiated, well I accept it, but I never enter a process thinking that I am going to negotiate it ”, he explained in this regard.

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