The Olympic medal chance disappeared in the second run

He had a chance for a medal in the European Youth Olympics, but the opportunity disappeared in the second giant slalom race for Filip Aronsson Elfman from Karlstad.

Older sister Hanna, 20, won two golds in the Junior World Championships and now the brother, who is three years younger, is debuting in a major international championship.

The alpine part of the European Youth Olympic Festival is decided in Tarvisio in Italy and Filip Aronsson Elfman started by finishing 29th in the slalom on Tuesday.

On Friday morning, the 17-year-old, competing for Kil, set off in sixth place in the first race in the giant slalom.

The time at the finish turned out to be enough for a fifth place, 1.33 seconds behind the Slovenian Miha Oserban. It was eight tenths up to runner-up Rasmus Bakkevig, Norway, and 2.6 to Moritz Zudrell, Austria, in bronze. Fourth Lukas Krauss, Germany, was a tenth ahead.

National team colleague Gustav Wissting, second in the slalom, was close behind in sixth place.

The situation was good for a fight for medals in the second run, but there Filip Aronsson lost Elfman, especially after the first interval, and slipped down to a final twelfth place, 2.76 seconds behind Miha Oserban, who held off and won.

Rasmus Bakkevig was second, half a second from victory, Moritz Zudrell third and Gustav Wissting fourth.

The championship ends on Saturday with the super G.

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