The Official Section of the ECOZINE International Film and Environment Festival arrives in Pamplona

For the fourth year, ECOZINE International Film and Environment Festival ‘#UnPlanetadeZine’ will arrive in Pamplona by the Pamplona City Council and the Ecozine Cultural Association. From May 24 to 27, the Golem Cinemas (Baiona) will host the Festival’s Official Section for all citizens, after having held the Educational Youth Section last March. In the sessions, they will screen, always at 7.30 pm, documentaries and short films of international origin, followed by an open debate with the people present.

Admission is free, but those interested in attending must withdraw their invitation from today at the Golem Baiona Cinemas box office, from 4.30 to 8 pm. The scheduled sessions will comply with all the health security measures against COVID-19 regarding gauges and distances, and it will be necessary to wear a mask during the time of the activity. Information on all screenings is available on the municipal website and on that of the ECOZINE International Film and Environment Festival itself.

This festival, which promotes and disseminates audiovisual productions related to the Environment, has been held since 2007 in Zaragoza. It is an invitation to feel, reflect and act, using cinema as an art for change and social transformation. In the program of this edition, both the opening and the closing will focus on the local sphere and the lost nature with the screening on the 24th of ‘Zumiriki’ (2019), by Oskar Alegría and the film centered on the swamp of Itoiz ‘Urpean Lurra’ (2019), by Maddi Barber. The latter will be screened on May 27.

The sessions on May 25 and 26 will have a more international aspect. On Tuesday 25, the proposal is to reach Mexico with the documentary ‘Titixe’, a documentary directed by Tania Hernandez Velasco in 2018. The argument is based on the death of the director’s grandfather, the last peasant in his family and the loss of traditional rural knowledge. On Wednesday 26th, ‘The Price of progress’ will be screened, from the year 2019, the portrait of the decision-making of the food industry that explores the intrigues, fears, emotions, political pressures and arguments of key actors of this sector.



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