The official regulation was issued, the government immediately disburse the 13th salary

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Reporter: Adinda Ade Mustami | | Editor: Adinda Ade Mustami |

JAKARTA-KONTAN.CO.ID. The government immediately disbursed the 13th salary for Civil Servants (PNS), Polri, TNI and pensuin recipients. Because, President Joko Widodo finally issued Government Regulation (PP) Number 44 of 2020 concerning Provision of Salary, Pension, Benefits or Thirteen Income Year 2020, Friday (7/8) today.

In the regulation, the government stipulates that the 13th salary is given to civil servants, the TNI, members of the National Police, including those placed abroad, outside government agencies both at home and abroad whose salary is paid by the parent agency, the recipient of the waiting money, the recipient of the salary canal that died, died or died until it was declared missing.

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In addition, the 13th salary is also given to the chairman, deputy chairman and judge in all judicial bodies, special staff within the ministry, ad hoc judges, leaders of the LNS, LPP, BLU, and other officials whose financial or administrative rights are equalized or the same level as high-ranking officials, non-PNS employees in LNS, LPP, or BLU, other employees appointed by officials who have authority in accordance with statutory provisions, pension or benefits recipients, and prospective civil servants.

However, the granting of the 13th salary is excluded from officials, echelon I and II, and its equivalent. This means that the 13th salary is only given to echelon III and below. As for the amount, given the most amount of income in July.

Previously, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani said, the total budget for the 13th salary to be disbursed was Rp 28.5 trillion. The breakdown, for civil servants in the central government of Rp. 6.73 trillion, for pensioners Rp. 7.86 trillion, and for regional civil servants through the budget of Rp. 13.89 trillion.

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