The Occitanie train management center behind the scenes in Toulouse

In this Toulouse control tower, 35 people take turns day and night. Sofia, DPX.

On the western part of Occitania, 350 trains run every day. “And it is not easy to run trains” as explained Eloïse Yahia (passenger information manager Lio Ter Occitanie) to Alban Forlot sure France Bleu Occitanie.

More than 9 out of 10 trains are on time

Since July 2020, the COP (operational production center) has been located in new premises, on the floors of the Matabiau station in Toulouse. In 2 separate rows, each is at his post, in relative calm. As soon as an incident occurs on the network, concentration remains but responsiveness must be immediate. Further back, other personnel anticipate the configurations of the following days to have the right equipment and the sufficient number of agents. The objective is to make the trains run on time as much as possible, and to cope with the vagaries of the weather or various congestion on the tracks.

Eloise Yahia et Sofia Benatiya Andaloussi © Radio France
Alban Forlot

Immersion in this place where decisions are made

France Bleu Occitanie was able to visit the COP at Matabiau station in Toulouse, which manages the circulation of THREE Lio Occitanie from the west of the region. In Montpellier, another nerve center takes care of managing the coast and the more eastern part of Occitania. Sofia Benatiya Andaloussi is a local manager (DPX) at the resource unit of the COP TER Occitanie. It is with her that our visit begins.

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The SNCF Operational Production Center
The SNCF Operational Production Center © Radio France
Alban Forlot
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