“The objective is to revalidate the Champions League title”


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The Champions League begins (UWCL) for the current European champions and he does it, neither more nor less, than facing the Arsenal next Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. the Johan Cruyff. The ‘Grunners’ are living, like Barça, a great start to the season, being undefeated leaders of their League with 16 goals in favor and only 2 goals against. For the culés there is another added element: the pressure to lift the title again, and Jonatan Giráldez is clear that this is the purpose: “The objective is to revalidate the title. When we wear this shirt the objective is not only to win the Champions League, but all the games we play. ”


The UWCL is premiering why It is the first time that a the group stage in the female category. The Vigo coach values ​​this new format positively since “it allows higher-level teams to go further because all teams have to give their all to qualify.” The blaugranas won the title last year and start as favorites without even having started the Champions League.

“It is a competition that excites us and we like it a lot. We are the rival to beat and I suppose that the rivals are fighting and working for it,” acknowledges Torrejón. However, she adds that: “we are working to give our best, continue to improve and get the titles that were achieved last year. Arsenal are a very difficult opponent but we have to add three at a time in this group stage and get as far as possible. ”


In the domestic league, the Blaugranas are unstoppable. However, the Vigo coach is clear that this is not a ‘handicap’ and that the results are not so important. “Our intention every game is to go out 100%. We want to win but we need to keep the competitive pace high for 90 minutes. That means we have to train more and better to have more options to win these games that will be more demanding “, Jonatan has recognized.


The fans will be able to see one of the best duels of the group stage in first person, Johan Cruyff. And it is that the Arsenal, is living one of its best beginnings of the history. Giráldez knows it and is clear that “Arsenal have offensive players, like Miedema, who can hurt us in transitions. We need to attack and defend well, recover the ball as soon as possible and as high as possible, prevent them from passing us quickly and win our back. “Jonatan acknowledges that these will be the keys to FC Barcelona for tomorrow’s game.


For Jonatan, this game is twice as important. It is the first that will play in front of the bench in European competition. The technician faces the challenge “with great enthusiasm, the same as them in starting a new Champions League. I have already lived several games at the Johan with a fantastic atmosphere and I hope tomorrow will be a great day. “However, the coach, who has given minutes to practically the entire squad, acknowledges that”it is a brown to have to make decisions every week and choose only 11 players. From what they show in training, they should all play.



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