The O2 operator introduced half of the SIM card. Half the size saves three tons of plastic per year

Since the new year, the O2 operator has switched to so-called half SIM cards, which are half the size of a plastic carrier than the original cards. This saves three tons of plastic per year. O2 stated this in a press release on Wednesday.

All newly issued SIM cards will take the form of a half SIM. This means that the SIM card itself, the size of which has not changed, is placed in a frame half the size of before. “In previous years, we have seen that recycling has been a priority for people, but also for larger and smaller companies. But over the last year, the situation has turned upside down thanks to the covid pandemic. potentially dangerous, “said O2 Mali manager Marie Mališková.

The topic that is up to date again after Christmas, when many people receive new phones, is also the recycling of old phones. According to a survey from last year, up to a million mobile phones accumulate in Czech households, which could be recycled and most materials reused. In addition, phones handed over at the O2 Store will help good things. Each device handed over for ecological disposal will contribute CZK 25 to the Safety Line. Last year alone, 11,417 older devices were handed over to O2.



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