The NYT investigation: lobbyists in Trump empire resorts in exchange for favors

NEW YORK – “Draining the swamp of lobbying interests” had been one of the electoral promises of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. In the first two years at the White House, however, lobbyists funded his personal coffers. Spending millions of dollars at his resorts and hotels: to win the president’s favors. It was reported on New York Times in the third episode of the mega investigation based on the taxes he paid between 2000 and 2017.


A survey confirmed by 250 interviews. Including the one to Trump’s ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, who remembers how the president introduced him to “very important guys” and said, “Do what he asks of you.” Of course, The Donald, just elected, chose to reject the Trump Organization that manages the empire, entrusting it to his two eldest sons Don Jr. and Eric. But on the eve of the oath, in January 2017, he announced that he did not want to divest his assets as requested by several parties to avoid any conflict of interest: but that he had put them on a fund with him as a beneficiary. In order to keep his troubled finances on his feet, he therefore used his properties to create a system of political influence which, the daily writes, “is unprecedented”. In the first two years of his presidency, at least 200 corporate lobbyists and foreign governments stayed in his hotels.

Taxes show that at least 60 entities have written checks to stay at its hotels for a total of $ 12 million. A way to approach the president and advance private interests within the administration.

From the Romanian politician Liviu Dragnea to the evangelical pastor Franklin Graham, many have asked for favors. Not everyone got them: more for the chaotic management of the White House than for wanting to disappoint them. In short, the conflict of interest is evident. In defense of his father, he goes wild being interviewed by Abc son Eric: “My father lost a fortune running for the presidency, but he wanted to do the right thing.”


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