The nutritionist told what breakfast should not be


Bad breakfast named

Breakfast, according to the expert, should not contain foods containing sugar. They accelerate hunger.

American nutritionist Laura Burak called breakfast the most harmful and dangerous for the human body and figure. Writes about it Eat This, Not That!.

According to the expert, the worst option for the first meal of the day is a meal high in sugar. These are donuts, pancakes and muffins.

Burak says sugar is “empty calories”, which, in addition to obesity, also lead to an increase in blood cholesterol levels.

In addition, sweets lack protein and fiber necessary for the body during breakfast, which accelerates the feeling of hunger.

A dietitian advises eating oatmeal for breakfast and adding protein to it – avocado, boiled eggs, and whole grain bread.

We will remind, earlier the nutritionist called greens to cleanse the body.

The nutritionist made the right breakfast for the student

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