The number of PS Plus subscribers has declined, and Microsoft has been soaring with XGPU, and the difference between the two is only a fraction

At present, the three major host manufacturers actually have their own paid membership subscription mechanism. Of course, compared to Nintendo, Sony’s PS Plus and Microsoft’s XGP subscription services are obviously more concerned by players.

News on February 6, according to Sony’s latest financial report, by the end of last year, Sony’s PS5 global shipments had reached 32.1 million units, and in the previous three months, PS5 shipments had reached 7.1 million units, an increase compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year. 3.1 million units.

Even so, the current situation of Sony PS5 is still not optimistic, and the number of members continues to decline, while Microsoft Xbox is catching up.

As early as the last generation, the Sony PS4 series was quite popular, almost occupying the synonym of game consoles, but as time went by, a series of unexplained operations by Sony caused the reputation of PS5 to gradually decline in the next generation, and gradually began to fall behind Microsoft. The momentum of Xbox.

At the same time, Sony is also deeply involved in Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Although the number of PS+ membership service subscribers has reached 45.4 million, it has decreased by 1.9 million compared with the previous quarter.

And Microsoft Xbox has doubled the number of Microsoft members last year, expanding from 10 million to 30 million with only XGPU subscription service, which also makes Sony very afraid.

Last year, Sony also expressed its confidence to ship 30 million PS5 game consoles this year. A report released by a game industry insider stated that Sony’s goal is to ship 30 million units between now and March 2024. PS5 game console. Of the projected 30 million units, Sony thinks it will sell 18 million over the same time frame.

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Whether Sony can maintain its position in the next generation and continue to bring high-quality services and more sophisticated games to players will be the focus of users’ attention throughout the next year.

On the other hand, the continuous growth of Xbox has attracted many Sony PS users, and it is really time for Sony to learn from the painful experience and adjust its strategy.

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