The number of passengers in Prague at the airport approached 300,000 in June, still a fraction of pre-fashion statistics

In June, 5058 movements took place at the airport, the planes flying significantly less busy than in the past.

Prague Airport is enjoying growing passenger interest. IN In June, 289,000 passengers were handled, which is an increase of 650 percent compared to last June (38 thousand passengers). Compared to the pre-pre-June June 2019, however, it is still only a fraction (16 percent). At that time, 1.78 million people passed through the gates of the airport.

However, compared to May this year, the number of passengers has doubled. “A further increase is expected in the main summer months, ie in July and August. The most popular destinations were in the Greek islands, Spain and Italy, the countries where most people go on holiday. “ stated the airport.

According to the director of aviation trade, Jaroslav Filip, the airport should check in over a million people during the two holiday months. Estimates for July speak of 550 thousand. Last year, half a million people passed through the airport during the holidays, four million the year before.

Passengers can currently fly to Vaclav Havel Prague Airport to more than 100 destinations, with over 40 airlines offering flights. During June, most passengers flew to Amsterdam, Rhodes or Frankfurt. The most popular destinations include Hurghada, Heraklion, Mallorca, Marsa Alam, Burgas, Kos and Corfu.

In June, a total of 5,058 takeoffs and landings (so-called movements) took place at the airport, which represents an increase of 120 percent compared to last year. In June 2019 it was over 15 thousand. The planes fly significantly less busy this year.


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