The number of liberated and occupied settlements became known

Photo: Zelenskiy / Official

The territory of 10 regions suffered from hostilities after February 24

Russian invaders continue offensive operations in the East, and attempts to hold positions in the South of Ukraine.

The armed forces of Ukraine have liberated more than a thousand settlements, but another 2.6 thousand cities and villages remain under the occupation of the Russians. This was announced on Saturday, July 2, in video message President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

“1,027 cities and towns have been liberated, another 2,610 are under occupation. The Russian army has completely destroyed hundreds of them,” he said.

In addition, Zelensky noted that dozens of cities in different regions of Ukraine were subjected to rocket attacks.

At the same time, the head of state noted that the situation at the front remains difficult. The Russian invaders continue offensive operations in the East and attempts to hold positions in the South.

“The Russian army continues to fire missiles at our cities. As of the evening alone, there were already six missile strikes, only 12 missiles. On Nikolaev, on the Donbass… Air strikes continued,” the head of state said.

“Fierce fighting is going on along the entire front line, in the Donbass – the epicenter, of course, in the cities of the Luhansk region. Enemy activity is intensifying in the Kharkiv region. We managed to expel the invaders from Ivanovka, Kherson region, we continue to put pressure on the south of our state,” the president said.

The Ukrainian leader also noted that the restoration of Ukrainian territories after Russian aggression would require huge investments, and this is an opportunity for other states and companies to prove themselves.

He recalled that a special conference on the restoration of Ukraine will be held in Lugano, Switzerland on Monday.

“It is necessary not only to restore everything that the occupiers destroyed, but to create a new basis for our life – safe, modern, comfortable, barrier-free.

This requires huge investments, billions, new technologies, best practices, new institutions, and, of course, reforms. Already on Monday, Ukraine will present Lugano with a national view on how to implement all this.

This is the biggest economic project in Europe of our time and an extraordinary opportunity to show itself for every state, for every company that we invite to work in Ukraine,” he said.

Recall, Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov announced the arrival of the HIMARS MLRS in Ukraine.

Earlier in the United States, they said that four HIMARS systems with ammunition and trained crew will be put into operation in Ukraine by the end of June.

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