The number of jumps increased. Since the arrest of the pandemic esko, the dog has registered 40 thousand cases Home

PRAGUE The daily sweat of coronavirus in Czech is again a record after those days. There were 1677 more in them. There are 1293 positive tests behind Wednesday, which is 325 more than at the same time in the ter. New maxims can therefore be expected for the whole Wednesday. The total number of confirmed cases exceeded 40,000, and in more than half a year, 40,186 people became infected. It follows from the Ministry of Health.


There are now 16,809 nakaench in the country, a fever with a slight course of the disease. However, the number of hospitalized is growing, according to data, there were 388 people in hospitals, 55 more than the day before. The patient in tkm is 81, not even more than Monday. The number of hospitalizations has risen by more than a third in the last week, with people in need of more than a quarter increasing intensively.

According to those hospitalized in the number of currently ill patients with covid-19, it is very low. According to the figures, it was 2.31 percent, below that percentage since the arrest.

The statistics added five points, a total of 481. Of these, the dead fall to the center. There were eight in ter and in ptl pt. 26 people died in the whole week.

The number of new confirmed cases rose to record records in those days last week, with the largest number so far being 1538 on Saturday. But at the same time, everything was tested. In August, the number of tests per day exceeded 10,000 only once, when last week the laboratories from ter to Thursday performed more than 15,000 tests each day, a record 19,000. There were 17,000 of them in ter.

The government’s representative for science and research in health care, Roman Prymula, and thus the state of health information and statistics of the R (ZIS) nevertheless expected to increase the number of cases. According to the KIC, we can now speak of the risk of widespread exponential disease, when, according to the end of last week, one hunter with coronavirus infects approximately 1.59 more hunters during his illness.

The most prominent situation is now in Prague, where hygienists have confirmed 161 cases in the last seven days in a population per 100,000 inhabitants. Follow the districts of Pilsen-South with 154 cases, except for 147 cases and Beroun with 145 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Jesenicko with 15 and Jindichohradecko with 18 coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants are the least affected in the last week.

From Thursday the 10th of salaries throughout the Czech Republic the obligation to wear a veil in the interior of buildings. From Friday 18:00 the Ministry of Health prohibits internal mass events on the wall for more than ten people. Exceptions are exhibitions, markets and similar events. At events for the season, tickets must be sold to a specific city.

At this point, it is a priority to stop the exponential number of positive cases. I can’t rule out the bag, he gave it, the Minister of Health Adam Vojtch (for YES) said in the first press.


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