The number of future mothers with covid is increasing, the hospital offers examinations at home

By Wednesday morning, there were almost 363,000 people in the Czech Republic fighting covid-19. The disease is not avoided even for future mothers, who have to undergo examinations. This can be a problem, for example, with the quarantine ordered.

According to Pavel Černý, the head of the gynecological and obstetric department of the Liberec Regional Hospital, the number of positive mothers is also increasing in the Liberec Region. Practical gynecologists and district physicians contact their department with questions about the examination, so the hospital decided to introduce a new service.

“From this week we will send an ambulance to the field with our doctor, who will arrange for the examination of the covid of a positive mother and her baby and, if necessary, also prescribe or administer the appropriate medication. they decided to give birth in a Liberec maternity hospital, “Černý said about the trips, adding that gynecologists from the catchment area can apply for service.

The hospital came under fire from critics when a photo appeared in which doctors examined former biathlete Veronika Vítková outside. “This is too much !!! Liberec Hospital – maternity hospital and examinations outside in winter and in the rain. I understand that it is now a mess, but at least the tent could have been there. Shame on you,” the text accompanied the published photo.

Biathlete Vítková hurried to help. She herself asked for an examination outside, because it was not clear if covid-19 was positive, so she did not want to endanger other patients who were in the waiting room. The hospital just granted her wish.


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