The number of deaths from coronavirus in Moscow exceeded 4 thousand people :: Society :: RBC


Over the past day, 28 patients with COVID-19 died in the capital, the total number of victims in Moscow reached 4027. In the whole country, 10.4 thousand people died from the beginning of the pandemic

Photo: Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

In Moscow, 28 people died of coronavirus infection in a day, the operational headquarters reports. Their diagnosis of pneumonia was confirmed.

The total number of deaths in the capital reached 4027.

In Moscow, more than 2 thousand people were cured of coronavirus per day

Photo: Andrey Nikerichev / AGN “Moscow”

By given site, Moscow is in first place in Russia in terms of the number of victims of COVID-19. Next comes St. Petersburg, where 1,437 people died from the start of the pandemic, the Moscow Region and 965 people died in third place.

Total in Russia since the spread of infection have passed away 10,494 people with COVID-19.

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