The number of COVID-19 victims exceeds 500,000; new outbreaks in the United States, Australia BNN

Cemetery in Brazil

Complications of COVID-19 have claimed the lives of more than 500,000 people worldwide. New outbreaks have occurred in the United States, Australia and South Korea, where reintroduction is being considered. German public service media DW, british news portal The Guardian a broadcaster BBC.

Globally, 501,898 people have died from COVID-19 complications, and the infection has been confirmed in 10,145,947 people since the beginning of 2020, according to Data collected by Jones Hopkins University, USA.

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The United States has the highest number of infections (2,548,996) and deaths (125,804). Brazil ranks second in both statistics.

The third highest prevalence of infection is in Russia (633,563), while the third highest number of deaths is confirmed in Great Britain (43,634).

New outbreaks

In Victoria, Australia, Monday, June 29, has the highest number of single-day infections to date. South Korea saw a gradual increase in new infections in the second half of June, and the South Korean Ministry of Health has warned that if the infection spreads even more rapidly, schools, non-food stores and crowds will be closed.

A major outbreak in the United States has been reported in Texas.

There, according to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, “In just a few weeks, the number of reported infections has risen from an average of around 2,000 to more than 5,000 a day.”

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