The number of coronavirus infections in employees at the Miter Clinic rises to 9

There are already nine workers in the Miter Clinic that they were infected with coronavirus and the appearance of new contagions in the course of the next few hours is not ruled out as it is still awaited by the results of other swabs.

A stretcher bearer, two maids and an employee from the administrative area 4600 were added this Thursday to the list of people with the disease within the institution of Luro, according to what they could confirm 0223.

The sources consulted clarified that these staff affected by the virus “had already been out of the line of work” this week because immediate isolation was arranged after the outbreak was detected on Friday.

The other infected workers are a doctor, an instructor and three nurses, who are in good health. “No one is having complications,” some clinic authorities assured this outlet.

Today, the clinic run by Guillermo Acosta is in the midst of restructuring the staff since approximately “one third of the staff” of employees had to undergo preventive isolation until their diagnosis is clarified.

The establishment joined the 25 de Mayo, Colón, Pueyrredon, Fracturas, Niño y la Madre clinics and the Punta Mogotes Sea Psychopathic Clinic where the presence of the disease was already detected in some of its workers.

To them are added the cases that were registered within the Bernardo Houssay sanatorium, the Spanish Hospital, the Interzonal General Hospital of Acute (Higa) Dr. Oscar Alende and the Maternal and Child.

Since the start of the pandemic, General Pueyrredon has 986 confirmed cases, of which 421 remain active, 532 are recovered and 36 have died.


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