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Perth ∙ Massive search in Australia after a small device containing radioactive cesium 137 was lost. The pill-sized device was taken 1,400 kilometers from the Rio Tinto iron ore mine in Newman to a store in Perth. The gauge, which is used to detect iron content in the ore, is believed to have been thrown from the truck during the journey.

About 660 km of the road has now been searched with equipment including detectors to detect nuclear radioactive material. The Australian Army, the Department of Nuclear Power, and various police agencies are involved in the search.

The search is done by determining the route taken by the driver using the information in the GPS system. The possibility of going somewhere far away from the tire of any other vehicle is also checked.

Although it does not have the characteristics of a nuclear weapon, experts say those who handle it or stay nearby for long periods of time can develop skin disease, digestive and immune system problems. Prolonged exposure can cause cancer. The radiation from this is equivalent to 10 x-rays in 24 hours.

English Summary : Australia searches for missing radioactive capsule

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