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Today, Nomad is launching its latest premium Apple accessory, pairing your existing MagSafe charger with a unique stainless steel construction for a deck-mounted iPhone 12 docking station. Rightly named the Nomad MagSafe Mount, the new unveiling aims to solve the inconvenience of having to manually remove the charger while still offering all of the brand’s usual styles, Apple-compatible and high-end. See you below for all the details.

Nomad launches new stainless steel MagSafe holder

Forgoing the usual leather styles the brand is known for, this time around Nomad goes for a much more simplistic stainless steel construction. CNC from a solid block of metal, the new Nomad MagSafe holder is a stylish solution for connecting your iPhone 12 to Apple’s standard wireless magnetic.

Effectively coming in as a much more premium version of those elago silicone mounts that let you slide into an existing MagSafe charger, Nomad’s take on the product category brings many advantages to the mix over the cheaper models. Along with its design that will certainly fit your Apple setup better, the stainless steel construction of the Nomad MagSafe Mount brings a lot of extra weight into the mix. So when you get your iPhone back after being refueled, it is less likely that the whole charger will come with it.

There’s also microsuction tape around the button on the MagSafe holder, which Nomad notes will help a lot to keep the accessory in place on your desk or nightstand. It all comes together in a design that lets you take full advantage of the magnetic charging standard without having to manually remove the MagSafe charger from your device.

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Now available for purchase

The new Nomad MagSafe holder is now available for purchase directly from the brand’s online storefront and comes with a 49,95 $ price tag. While the stainless steel construction definitely increases the price over more affordable silicone offerings, there really aren’t many options that directly compete with the premium look and feel here. Nomad is known to take advantage of high-end materials to stand out, and its latest version seems to continue this trend.

Taking 9to5Toys

It’s certainly impossible to get around the fact that this is a premium addition to your Apple Charging Kit, but Nomad’s long history of providing these premium solutions culminates today with a another eye-catching version. Although the stainless steel design may not make the case for the Nomad MagSafe holder 50 $ price only, the added benefits of staying on your desktop could very well be. As much as I like MagSafe, it’s definitely not the most convenient experience for taking my iPhone 12 to the desk only to have to unplug the cable anyway.

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