The Nîmes PS denounces “the uberization of our society” with the installation of Uber in the city

We, socialist activists from Nîmes, would like to express our concern following the announcement of the establishment of the Uber application in Nîmes.” The press release is signed Pierre Garcia, section secretary of the Socialist Party of Nîmes, who adds: “this arrival is symbolic of an uberization of our society neither desirable nor encouraging for our future. Uber is the direct competitor of taxis. The company moved to Nîmes in mid-June. It develops and operates mobile applications for putting users in contact with drivers. They are 25 drivers now at your disposal in Nîmes. The city thus became the 26th agglomeration served in France by the American giant.

According to Pierre Garcia, “socially speaking, it is an extremely precarious disguised wage-earning model, through independent workers who are independent only in name, which we condemn. It is essential that the municipality in place ensure both the protection of the rights of the people who will work for the benefit of society, their ability to be represented and to establish a dialogue with their employer, but also the proper respect of rules that govern professional practice so as not to weaken established sectors in our city”.

“Economically speaking, it is part of the money of the people of Nîmes which will be withdrawn not only from the local economy but also nationally through a society which bypasses a large part of our local and national taxes. Finally ecologically speaking we regret that this arrival announces additional car traffic at a time when we would be entitled, in the exact opposite, to demand much more quality and efficiency from public transport in order to preserve the health and the budget of the people of Nîmes.” Pierre Garcia, section secretary of the Socialist Party of Nîmes,

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