The nickname of the star of the year 2012 “Entertainer” in all circles of the parade was caught in the dart “Mr. Baifern-Ingfah-Kanchai”.

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has already come out for the title of Entertainment Person of the Year 2022 in the Entertainment Journalists Association Considered outstanding in many respects, the top 10 names of Thai entertainers for the year 2022 are as follows.

At the end of the year so It is tradition that every year each circle votes to nominate different names for celebrities. people in every news line from an entertainment point of view”by the Association of Entertainment Journalists“I setNicknames for artists, stars and people in the industry.entertainment

in whichYear 2022 This “Mr. Pramote Sararat” Interim President of the Association of Entertainment Journalists together with the Board of Directors of the Association has collaborated with many entertainment media outlets and media outlets Submit a headline to participate in the selection andA total of 10 names were voted for the 2022 star names of the year as follows.

Nickname of the 65th star

1. Mr. Naphat – Baifern, nicknamed “the lover who overflows the screen”

“Mr. Naphat – Baifern Pimchanok” is considered a couple on the screen. become a couple Both drama and film Until both became a real couple off the screen. The success phrase ends with friends waiting to be promoted back to everyone to follow them again.

2. Tone Phakin, nicknamed “Saint Loi Khong”

“Tono” organized a river swimming project. One swimmer, many give To raise money to donate to Thai-Lao hospitals. received a lot of interest and donations But this fundraising event has both up and down trends before reaching its goal.

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3. Ingfah Varaha, nicknamed “Miss Hundred Dramas”

She is a beauty queen of Miss Grand “Ing Fah” stage, no matter what you move. causing drama in nearly every story from before the contest until landing the position It’s not like there’s always going to be news coming out to be a problem. However, Ing Fah will have a tendency to follow through with overwhelming support.

4. Phi Phi Krit – Buikin Puttipong, nicknamed “The Candy Couple”

“Phi Phi Krit – Buikin Puttipong” is regarded as a sexy couple and a couple that never goes out of style. In addition, there are fans following the strong cheering. He came to fill every area, every event until there was no more room

5. Milli Danupa, nicknamed “Niao Muang Inter”

“Danupa Mill” Thai rapper bringing soft powerMango Sticky Rice Till eat and show on the stage of the world class concert Till create a trend, making it viral push mango sticky rice Received attention to sell very well immediately during that period

Nickname of the 65th star

6. Nawat-Ann Chakrabongse, nicknamed “The couple bites the Mong”

Nawat Issarakraisil – Ann Chakrabongse People in the beauty pageant industry When the godfather Miss Grand and the goddess Miss Universe They are fighting to compete to be one of the best beauty queens in the world. with cutting eloquence, the words of each party and the matters that had previously been a problem were cut short, no one gave up this job

7. Onnapha horse, nicknamed “Throw-faced horsecrab”

When “Ma Onnapha” news problems slapping the face of a young actor in Korea Due to the crabs invitation story, but at this event, Ma Onnapha said he just touched, but Nong Dara said he slapped. The answer is in the clip, but it’s not clear, it ends up in the police station.

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8. Jam Rachata – Thanapat Film, Nicknamed “Poison Wan Couple”

from hit drama Khun Chai on Channel One Turn the heat of “Jam Rachata – Thanaphat Film” into the heart of the audience until it becomes a popular trend overnight. Which in the drama features the fight with poison (Wan Mang’s poison overlaps with Cicada’s) until they fall in love, becoming a powerful couple at the end of ’65

9. Young Kanchai, Nicknamed “Father in Healing Suffering”

It is well known that The current program of the node on Channel 3, where “Num Krachai” is responsible for MC as a center to help villagers in any matter even in the case of a big lawsuit About villagers, husbands and wives have problems, often have to come to clarify and be ready to help in this program. And also regarding the personal love of the young actors in the entertainment industry, they also act as matchmakers for another position.

10. Khemhasawi, nicknamed “magic hero”

he is regarded as Channel 7HD’s hot hero for “Khaeng Hasawee” who often plays magic-based dramas. inner strength always Which is always hot in every story with this line Even in real life, being a young protagonist is yet another great type of Mu.

Nickname of the 65th star

However, this year’s titles were considered outstanding in many respects, including in terms of works. identities of actors and entertainment industry personalities This year, the way of setting nicknames is not strong. The Entertainment Journalists Association and the Entertainment Journalists Brothers have no intention of insulting. It’s like it’s a pinch to play as a person who only loves and misses himself.

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