The next plot was prepared within the framework of the Western Azerbaijan Chronicle project

The next plot was prepared within the framework of the Western Azerbaijan Chronicle project. SIA informs that in the plot “Nowruz traditions in Western Azerbaijan” a conversation was opened about the Novruz traditions of our people, which have a history of thousands of years, and how the Spring holiday is celebrated in Western Azerbaijan, which is our historical land.

It was reported that Novruz holiday was considered the king of all holidays in Armenia until 1988. When Nowruz holiday came, Armenians always panicked, and like all Turkic peoples, they harbored deep hatred for Azerbaijanis living in Western Azerbaijan. Nowruz, which is solemnly celebrated every year at the state level, has also influenced the Turkish world as a national holiday. This holiday is the great history of the Turks and the people of Azerbaijan.

The plot ends with this wish: “The Nowruz bonfire lit in Shusha will be lit again in our captured homelands in Western Azerbaijan.”

It should be recalled that the purpose of the Western Azerbaijan Chronicle project is to preserve and popularize the name of our historical and ancient lands, as well as the deportation of Azerbaijanis by the Armenians, toponyms that existed in those territories, but their names have been erased, countless examples of underground and surface material culture – ancient settlements, necropolises, mounds, castle, palace and fortification remains, caravansary, bridges, grave chests, cross stones, horse and ram statues, temple, church, mosque, pyres and hearths are revealed, and the facts confirming that the area is a pure Oghuz-Turk settlement are brought to the world community .

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Also, what President Ilham Aliyev said about West Azerbaijan, “The map of the beginning of the 20th century shows once again that West Azerbaijan is the historical land of Azerbaijan, the names of cities and villages are of Azerbaijani origin, and we know very well that the Azerbaijani people have lived in the territory of today’s Armenia throughout history. Now the main task is that the world community also knows about it”, – is the promotion of the tasks arising from the concept of return prepared by the West Azerbaijan Community based on his opinion.

In addition, it is to illuminate the thoughts of historians and researchers about West Azerbaijan, the life story of people who were deported.

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