The news of 12:30 pm – Summer holidays: what to eat so as not to fall asleep on the road?


On this Saturday, July 11, the day of vacation departure, many French people have to face the test of the road, sometimes exhausting. To avoid losing your concentration, it is essential to ride carefully and take breaks every two hours, but you should also eat light.

“Fat digestion is going to be particularly long and painful. You risk falling asleep because your body is more focused on digestion than on the road, “explains nutritionist doctor Arnaud Cocaul.” If you stop, take a break from a light meal, avoid fries and ketchup “, specifies the specialist.

Regarding the drink, the nutritionist recommends “drink plenty of water. Avoid anything that is energy drink, which can cause trouble concentrating. ”

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Government – First working meeting for ministers. Jean Castex is in charge this Saturday for this first government seminar since the cabinet reshuffle.

Bayonne – The Minister of the Interior is expected in Bayonne, where he will meet the family of Philippe Monguillot, 58-year-old bus driver who died on Friday following a violent attack.

Summer holidays – For those who left in the night from Friday to Saturday, it may already be time to enjoy the holidays after a long journey. Saturday’s day is classified red by Bison Fûté. You have to be patient and careful of course on the road, the checks will multiply throughout the weekend.

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