The New York Times unveils its ranking of the 10 best jazz albums released in 2022

Sounds the time of the music rating of the year Like every year, the prestigious New York Times lists the 10 best jazz albums released since January: in the introduction to his article presenting the chart, the journalist John Russonello specifies that the albums, not always considered jazz works by artists, are real revelations, daring experiments and, despite all that is happening in the world, sources of hope.

Check out below the top 10 best jazz albums released in 2022 according to the New York Times.

10. samora Pinderhughes, Ache

9. cope McCraven, Nowadays

8. Angelica Sanchez Trio, Sparkling beings

7. heath Mother, Jazz codes

6. Samara Joy, Wait a little’

5. David Virelle, Show

4. Antelope, Pink dolphins

3. Fred Moten, Brandon Lopez & Gerald Cleaver, Moten/Lopez/Cleaver

2. Emanuel Wilkins, The seventh hand

1. Cécile McLorin saving, Ghost song

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