The New York shootings cost taxpayers at least $350 million in hospital bills

Shootings in the Big Apple are bleeding taxpayers to death.

Americans collectively spent at least $350 million treating gunshot wounds in New York City hospitals alone in a decade: Brooklyn and the Bronx account for more than 70 percent of the city’s medical bills.

According to a new report from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

By comparison, private spending was less than $60 million for the same ten-year period.

The researchers, who analyzed data from more than 10,400 hospitalization claims in New York State’s health care billing system, told the Post that this was not a local problem, but actually one that the entire country should be aware of. aware.

Putting a price tag on the city’s gun violence can help bring the issue to the attention of communities less directly impacted by the problem, said Dr. Jeffrey Butts, director of the John Jay Center for Research and Evaluation.

The researchers analyzed data from more than 10,400 hospitalization requests in the New York State health care billing system.
Paul Martinca

“People shouldn’t be under any illusions that if they live in a rural farming community, they don’t have to worry about urban gun violence, because they’re paying for it,” Butts said.

Brooklyn got the most taxpayer money: $132 million; followed by the Bronx at $116 million; Manhattan, nearly $50 million; Queens, $42 million; and Staten Island, $11 million.

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