the new Xbox One and Series X store is shown in pictures

The Microsoft Store, also on PC, includes improvements to search filters, catalog and security.

Microsoft is taking sides and they have shown on their official blog the first images of the new Microsoft Store for Xbox. From the Redmond company they say that it is much more than an update, and that they have tried to rebuild the experience from scratch to make it faster, safer and easier to use.

Among the main news from the new Microsoft Store is that the design will be shared both Xbox One like in Xbox Series X. They assure that it will be more than twice as fast as before. From the company blog They state that “it starts in less than two seconds and browsing performance is greatly improved by being faster loading pages to find what you need, either to check a price or to watch HD trailers.

Finding a game, app, movie or TV show will be easier than everAfter the criticism received by a large part of the users with the birth of Xbox One, in Microsoft they pretend that the situation is not repeated, and they claim to have the intention of providing an inclusive and intuitive experience for everyone. In the published note they insist that it will be “easier than ever” to find a game, application, movie or television program thanks to the new redesign that allows you to jump between shopping experiences in an instant. An ideal option considering that many titles will appear thanks to the Xbox family backward compatibility.

Xbox Series X image

Among the additions to facilitate navigation through the Microsoft Store, these are some of the changes included:

  • With the redesigned search functionality, it is easier to filter the results.
  • The Wish List has been rebuilt. Now you can easily add new games to your Wish List and quickly check the content.
  • The shopping cart makes it easier and more visible to add items, as well as view items before and during purchase.
  • It’s easier than ever to buy between four generations of Xbox.

Another aspect in which they are working from Microsoft Store is in security so that families can buy games and entertainment products without problems and with the appropriate content. With the new parameters of the update you can filter content in searches so that if an eight-year-old is browsing the store, he or she may not be able to see content rated for an older age.

The ones added to the store will be added gradually and the members of the program Xbox Insider they will begin to see them reflected from August 5.

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