The new VW Multivan and the cheapest electric car from Dacia are being shown in the Czech Republic for the first time

The Volkswagen stand shines from a distance. Above the group of automotive novelties is a suspended light console like a halo. The Porsche CR Group brought twelve cars to the Prague Electrical News Fair, some of which introduced themselves only a few days ago. The main attraction for visitors should be the plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Multivan, ID.5 and the first Spanish electric car Cupra Born.

Cars will be driving on the test track in front of the trade fair halls of the PVA Letňany exhibition halls next weekend, but only a quiet buzz will be heard. The third year of the e-Salon trade fair will take place here, where new electric cars as well as innovative solutions in the field of recharging and innovations related to technology for electric cars and flashlight motorcycles will be presented. And visitors can try selected cars.

For them, the fair is open from Friday 12 November to Sunday, but we were given the opportunity to see at least the stands of the Porsche CR group before the official opening. In the Czech Republic, it represents practically all of the Group’s brands, with the exception of Škoda Auto, ie the division of VW passenger and commercial vehicles, the Audi, Porsche, Seat and Cupra brands.

The company exhibits a total of twelve cars and occupies a substantial part of the halls that are reserved for this year’s e-Salon. The biggest attraction is the ID.5 model, which Volkswagen officially introduced only a week ago. It is a coupe variant derived from the electric SUV ID.4. It is offered only with a larger 77 kWh battery, in three power variants with a range of up to 520 km.

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A new novelty is also the plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Multivan, which the editors have already managed to test, and you can review read here. The Cupra brand exhibits here the first Spanish electric car Born, closely related to the Volkswagen ID.3. His review on Aktuálně.cz was also published, and here.

Audi has an e-tron GT and also a Q4 e-tron, a Porsche two Tayanas and a Panameru E-Hybrid at the stand. These are all serial cars, except for some recent innovations, most of them can be purchased for some time, but one concept has also arrived in Prague to indicate the arrival of the more popular city Volkswagen.

This is the ID.Life study that has been introduced at the September Motor Show in Munich. And it recalls the former glory of thermosetting plastics, as its body is made of recycled PET bottles. The front “hood” is made of textile material and detached with a zipper, under it there is a smaller space, the so-called frunk. The interior is extremely futuristic, there is only half a steering wheel.

The series model will of course be much more conservative, but Volkswagen promises that the small electric car, which is to be based on the concept, will be cheap – it should allegedly cost half a million crowns.

Too bad without much news
Electric and electrified Škoda cars are parked at the stand, which is located directly opposite the illuminated VW stage. The brand currently has no hot news, so the attraction here is the red Enyaq iV, the pace car from this year’s Tour de France. There is also the ornate Enyaq Founders Edition with a glowing crystal mask and the plug-in hybrid Octavia and Superb, cars that have been on the market for some time.

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However, the brand will present a comprehensive recharging solution for companies, including simpler invoicing, the only application includes the possibility of recharging at stations from three major electricity providers on the Czech market, ie ČEZ, PRE and E.ON, allegedly at very attractive prices.

Electric cars from Hyundai, Kia, Ford and Renault / Dacie are also parked in the same hall. Here she shows the public her new cheapest electric car on the market, the Spring model. We tested the car very briefly, reviews came out here.


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