The new version reveals Meghan’s darker side

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Created: 09/27/2022, 5:24

Von: Annemarie Gobbel


Verbal abuse, tantrums, being a victim: all a great staging? A bad nickname in a new book for the Duchess makes people stand up and take notice.

London – There is not only tense air between the British royal family and Meghan Markle (41) since she has stylized herself before the world as a victim of the real wicked. In the scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey (68), the British royal family around Prince Harry’s family (38) around Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022) did not fare well. In truth, things are much worse, claims a royal release.

In the work of the author of “Times”, Meghan Markle does not fare well

In Times writer Valentine Low’s “Extracts of Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown”, the hateful nickname given to the Duchess by palace officials is immediately apparent: “Narcissistic sociopath”. Anyone who had dealt with Harry’s wife would have suffered from his moods. Those who were in the “Sussex Survivor Club” had been subjected to bullying, tantrums and verbal abuse. But the worst accusation of a servant is yet to come: Meghan even plans to break up with the royalsstates in the journalist’s work.

Some observers have not found Meghan’s tears at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral credible. A book now suggests that the Duchess even calculated her break with the icy crown (photomontage). © Starface / Imago & Christopher Furlong / dpa

The palace staff members heard Meghan say, “I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for this” after her dates on the royal Australia tour with Harry in October 2018. “They had to shake hands and walk around. something hadn’t gone according to his wishes, he would have terrified his employees on the phone.

It hasn’t been long since the royal investigation into the bullying allegations in June

Those familiar with the bullying allegations rightly remember an investigation from June this year. The employees of the palace had brought charges against Meghan, the royal family had launched a thorough investigation. But the findings of the investigation report were likely not made public for peace reasons. The Duchess of Sussex has firmly denied the allegations.

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But one of her servants now says in the book, “She wanted to be rejected because she was obsessed with this fiction from day one!” By this she means Meghan’s tendency to see herself as a victim. She didn’t want to be happy as part of the “company”. She at least not in the second row role behind Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (40). Given this news, the royals may want to protect Harry more than they do The results of the Meghan bullying investigation have vanished to allow. Sources used:,

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