The new version of Nintendo Switch, which is codenamed Aula, will use an OLED screen with a new base that can provide 4K images (159061)

Nintendo Switch is still a hot-selling game console since its launch. It uses innovative gaming experience and game content to make up for the performance limitations of using older-generation chips. However, there have been many rumors in the market that Nintendo has begun planning a new generation of Switch, according to Internet rumors. , The new Switch, code-named Aula, will be equipped with an OLED screen and can output 4K resolution with a base.

▲ The Switch code-named Aula is likely to output 4K resolution to the TV through the image processing chip on the base

According to SciresM, a hacker who specializes in digging information about game consoles, he found a new generation of Switch console code-named Aula. Aula will be equipped with a new Mariko SoC processor and an OLED screen. In addition, it can provide 4K UHD picture quality with a specific Realtek chip. It is estimated that the Realtek chip will be an image processing chip mounted on the base.

According to ScriresM, the OLED screen equipped with Aula may not have a 4k resolution, but may output 4K signals through a docking station. In addition, benefiting from the new Mariko SoC, performance and battery life will be improved, and it may be worse than the current Switch. There is an enhanced gaming experience similar to that of PS4 Pro and the standard version of PS4.


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