The New Variant of the Hendra Virus (HeV) is more deadly, here are the symptoms

Jakarta – Found a new variant Hendra virus (HeV) which is much more lethal. Experts revealed that the virus, which belongs to the Paramyxoviridae family in the Henipavirus genus, was first discovered in 1994.

Precisely in Hendra, Brisbane, Australia, the Hendra virus was detected from specimens resulting from neurological and respiratory diseases that attack humans and horses.

According to research, the host of this new virus variant is fruit-eating bats. Fruit-eating bats infected with the Hendra virus (HeV) can transmit it to horses through fruit eaten by bats. In addition, infected horses can continue to transmit this virus to humans through contact with horse body fluids such as nasal secretions or horse blood.

Can Hendra Virus? Infectious to Fellow Humans?

Until now, until the article was published, there have been no case reports related to the transmission of the Hendra virus (HeV) that occurs between humans or between bats to humans.

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