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Status: 08.01.2021 1:39 p.m.

Little carbon dioxide should be used to build the U5. The traffic authority and Hamburger Hochbahn are working on a concept for this. Environmentalists reject the construction of the subway.

A lot of CO2 is produced during the production of concrete. That is why environmentalists are no longer in favor of building subways, even though they lure motorists onto the rails. The Hamburger BUND even claims that the climate-damaging gas released during the construction of the U5 will only be balanced out after 100 years of operation. The traffic authority holds against it: 100 years results in a study for Berlin that cannot be transferred one to one.

Climate protection should be taken into account in tenders

Hochbahn boss Henrik Falk is working on a climate concept: it involves special concrete and the use of recycled materials. “Optimization is absolutely crucial. We will push through the tender as hard as a hammer, so that we will drive construction companies to optimize construction in terms of a more positive CO2 balance,” said Falk.

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In addition, only a subway can handle the flow of traffic. The U5 is also to replace the Metrobus lines 5 and 6 with their 100,000 passengers a day. To reduce the environmental impact, there is also a concept for the earth excavated during the construction of the underground: It should not be dumped hundreds of kilometers away by truck, but used in Hamburg for example in port construction.

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