The New ‘Star Wars’ World Goes Dark With New Super Villain

Earlier this year, Star Wars: The High Republic big launch. It’s a completely new era in the Star Wars Universe with a variety of new characters and adventures. During [email protected] 2021, more became clear about the future of the series.

For now exists The High Republic especially from books and comics. A number of expansions will appear in the coming period and it was revealed during Comic-Con that the series will follow a dark path from early 2022.

The High Republic is getting dark
The announced list of new release headlines “The Light fo the Jedi goes dark….” and new threats will be launched. The most important books are those for adults and na Star Wars: The High Republic – Light of the Jedi (January 2021) and Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm (June 2021) the book will be published in January 2022 Star Wars: The High Republic – The Fallen Star by writer Claudia Gray.

In addition, the book will be published Mission to Disaster from Justina Ireland and Midnight Horizon by Daniel Jose Older. These are aimed at younger target groups.

The comic Eye of the Storm zooms in on Marchion Ro, the mysterious High Republic villain. “He’s absolutely terrifying. He’s charming in a way… You could run into him and he’ll talk to you and you’ll have a good time. Maybe he’ll buy you a beer. A space beer, I guess. But then, as soon as you leave the room, his face goes blank. It’s all just a mask,” according to Charles Soule who writes the comic.

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