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The new Splinter Cell is reportedly under development

The French company Ubisoft is definitely not afraid to use the name of the writer Tom Clancy in the titles of its games and has been taking care of series like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon or the newer The Division for many years. But there is another popular brand that Ubisoft has forgotten a bit. This is a Splinter Cell shooter that focuses more on stealth and the main character is agent Sam Fisher. We got the last part so far, with the subtitle Blacklist, in 2013, since then it has been relatively quiet except for the strange crossovers. But now the magazine has come up with a very positive news VGC, with the acclaimed insider Tom Henderson signed under the article. According to his information gave Ubisoft the green new game from the Splinter Cell series.

Probably the best news for all the fans is that already should really be a full-fledged sequel, no mobile or VR title. The project should be in early stage of development, but The announcement could be expected next year. It is not yet clear exactly what studio is working on the game, but allegedly it should not be Ubisoft Montreal, which is behind the very first part of Splinter Cell from 2002.

VGC also approached Ubisoft itself to comment on the report, but the company declined to comment, of course. So there is nothing left but to wait for the official announcement. But it looks like better times are coming for fans of games with agent Sam Fisher.

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