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Francho Sarrablo, member of the Round of Boltaña and with a lonely career in parallel, he presents in The Tower of Babel de Aragón Radio his latest project. It arises as a result of having three years with his band with which he says they have created a style “eclectic between rock and folk”. “I am singing things that four years ago I did not imagine”.

This is how the Aragonese musician confesses, who is very proud of the videos he is launching on YouTube with a Zaragoza producer. The particular thing about these videos is that they are in live session format, that is, played live and also the audiovisual “has a very cinematographic part”. “The idea is to make songs and stories in the heat of the fire and to trace those songs” the singer-songwriter summarizes.

The first is called ‘Again’, of which he points out “as a result of setting up the band is the one that best represents our style”.

The second is a poem by Antonio Machado set to music; in his opinion it is “the most special”.

And there is still one left in May tarantela, which is a song of its own, and in June the last video will be published which will be a cover of More Birras.

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