The new program: The grammar of the Romanian language, fundamentally changed. Teacher Mariana Badea: It was not discussed (almost) at all in the press, because no one was interested

The grammar of the Romanian language has changed.

The new Romanian language program for the gymnasium cycle, recently in force, imposes a different approach to the grammar of the Romanian language by introducing new terms, notions, aspects of lexico-gamatic classes and syntactic functions!

Anticipated clichés and resumed clitics; the quality of the center and the quality of the deputy of the lexico-grammatical classes, achievements of the parts of the sentence and combinatorial possibilities of the parts of speech, the massive nouns and the archigen, the five conjugations of the verb, the presumptive mode, the abolition of reflexive and passive diathesis the ternary relation of the predicative noun, the prepositional complement are some of the new terminologies and notions.

“Romanian language. Grammar for students ”, at Badea & Professional Consulting Publishing House

To make it easier for students to understand these news, Mariana Badea, a teacher of Romanian language and literature, published the book “Updated Grammar”. Explains and clarifies the new terminologies and concepts – quite a lot – that students are not used to, and in textbooks they either do not exist at all, or are only mentioned.

At the end of the book, there is “EXTRACT FROM THE ORDER OF THE MINISTER OF NATIONAL EDUCATION NO.3393 / 28.02.2017 – ANNEX NO.2 – ON THE APPLICATION OF NEW PROGRAMS FOR GYMNASIUM EDUCATION”, which refers strictly to the grammar of the Romanian language.

The book is a unique updated grammar on the market

I talked with Mariana Badea, author of the book “UPDATED GRAMMAR FOR STUDENTS”, teacher of Romanian language and literature, to better understand the context of change that affects both students and teachers.

Anca Murgoci: Despite the fact that the grammar of the Romanian language has changed a lot, there has been almost no discussion in the press about this subject. You come with this unique book on the market – “UPDATED GRAMMAR FOR STUDENTS”. I want to ask you to explain to us why this book is so important, as it is also the first book through which someone cares to explain the changes that students will encounter.

Mariana Badea: It was not discussed (almost) at all in the press, because it did not interest anyone, the online period completely blurring the emergence of new programs and, of course, new academic grammars. I know teachers who have not yet heard of these changes. The book “UPDATED GRAMMAR FOR STUDENTS” is important because textbooks have been ignored almost completely or are not sufficiently explained, and requirements are formulated in national exams. The children do not understand all the requirements, not knowing the terms, that’s why this year’s grades for the Romanian language test were lower than ever. It is not normal for grades in Romanian to be lower than those in mathematics.

Anca Murgoci: Is this book helpful for teachers, not just students?

Mariana Badea: I can’t afford to address my fellow teachers, because they are part of the same tag. In addition, “Romanian language grammar for high school”, coordinator Gabriela Pană Dindelegan, is much more suitable to be studied by teachers, because I also “learned” a few months after the academic grammars, as I mentioned on the fourth cover of the book . I wrote the grammar, as all my books are, with the children in front of their eyes, in an expression appropriate to the understanding at their level.

Careful! The book is also addressed to people who want to be admitted to the Faculty of Law, the Police Academy, the Faculty of Letters, the Faculty of Journalism, the Faculty of Communication Sciences, SNSPA.

Stay on DC News because we will continue to present the novelties of the Romanian language grammar explained by teacher Mariana Badea.

The book can be ordered online. You can find it in several bookstores, including



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